After a successful partnership with the Jacoby Restaurant Group, we decided to collaborate again on another East Austin restaurant concept. This time it would be based around a coastal Mexican vibe with a twist on Interior Mexican Cuisine. Again, focusing on the quality family farm’s ranch-to-table style we took an upscale, contemporary approach.

Branding and Creative

Merging coastal Mexican with homage to the East Austin vibrant latino community, an exciting new take was important to the team this time around. Not your typical Mexican dining experience, we took inspiration from a quote by St. Francis of Assisi who said, ‘Where there is hatred, let me sow love.’ This leant itself easily to a bright, welcoming vision to start the creative process. They wanted a breezy coastal feeling with botanical elements focused on succulents, grasses while still manifesting a modern touch. We brought the project to life with an inviting, brilliant pink and geometric shapes – both becoming recurring staples. 

Working with the talented interior designer, Kris Swift, again was a treat. Bringing his aesthetic to life on collateral and incorporating his love for vintage inspiration lead to the eye-catching shapes you’ll find on the menu.


Brand Strategy & Design, Website Development and Design