Austin based Cox & Kor Wealth Management wanted to reposition themselves in a very saturated Wealth Management market in Austin.  Their focus was to pinpoint young successful entrepreneurs and business owners whose net worth ranged specifically from 1 million to 5 million.

Cox and Kor have something more to offer their clients.   They are a small independent firm with a strong focus on friendly, personal relationships with their clients. Their advice is valued for large and small financial decisions.

But how does a small firm break out of the noise in the industry?  Where financial regulations homogenize an industry by offering the same platter of financial packages and guaranteeing the same rates of returns.  How can we help Cox & Kor rise out of the mundane and get them noticed by their target audience?

Cox and Kor are deeply connected and loyal to Austin, TX. And here at finchform co.  we wanted to honor that.  We wanted to let the world know that this company is for you. They are an active ground-breaking wealth management firm who does things based on their clients.  Not on what the markets and group-think dictate.  Austin is vibrant.  And we felt it was important to tie Cox & Kor to that vibrancy of Austin.  Bright colors and large active photography was where we felt we could do the most to cross that bridge.


Brand Strategy & Design, Website Development